L250 股内外侧肌训练器 Abduction and adduction
Posibility of performing a double exercise: this machine develops abduction and adduction muscles. The pads allow 360º free hold. Angle selector with 7 different positions for each leg. Allows to choose the starting position and to choose either adbuction or adduction exercise, doing wider or shorter routes with each leg.
  • Length:80.5 cm / 31.7"
  • Width:173cm / 68.1"
  • Height:148.5cm / 58.5"
  • Weight:197 kg / 434 lbs
  • Weight stack: 68 kg / 150 lbs

Photovoltaic technology in strength equipment
Our monitors provide useful information for the user:
didactic aim: Help the users to check wether the rep was
causes motivation: It encourages the users to improve the exercise
helps to user loyalty: The desire of self-improvement in repetitions, lifted weight or burned calories, promotes motivation and user loyalty to the center.
information provided: - Right repetitions completed
- Percentage completed
- Range of exercices in each repetition
- Calories
- Total weight lifted
- Rest time between sessions


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