L310 腹肌训练器 Abdominal
Double Roll V-shaped pad. Provides support and holds shoulders firmly. Additionally, the lumbar support ensures the correct position at the start and the end of the exercise. Double rubber feet support. It fits to the height and natural posture adopted by each user.
  • Length:136 cm / 53.5"
  • Width:105cm / 41.3"
  • Height:148.5cm / 58.5"
  • Weight:216 kg / 476 lbs
  • Weight stack: 91 kg / 200 lbs

Photovoltaic technology in strength equipment
Our monitors provide useful information for the user:
didactic aim: Help the users to check wether the rep was
causes motivation: It encourages the users to improve the exercise
helps to user loyalty: The desire of self-improvement in repetitions, lifted weight or burned calories, promotes motivation and user loyalty to the center.
information provided: - Right repetitions completed
- Percentage completed
- Range of exercices in each repetition
- Calories
- Total weight lifted
- Rest time between sessions


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