LD215 坐姿小腿训练机(附加杠片) Seated calf (plate load)
Padded support for legs. It oscillates and can be adjusted in height to differente user sizes. Security guide system for supporting the training arm. It provides easy access to the training arm at the beginning and end of the exercise.
Non-absorbent and non-slip rubber gripsNon-absorbent and non-slip rubber grips. Absorbs shocks and it's more resistant to breakage and microorganisms. PlatformNon-slip platform to support the user's feet. Prevents the foot from slipping or sliding, thus preventing injury.
  • Length:136cm / 53.5"
  • Width:75cm / 29.5"
  • Height:83cm / 32.6"
  • Weight:57kg / 125 lbs


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